A list of episodes and info from season 2. Enjoy!

List of episodes 29-56 Edit

Listed below are the episodes of Hooked on Mutts season 2.

Spoiler warning: If you want to find out what happens like everyone else then wait for the script to be posted or... read at your own risk.

Hooked on Agility-Episode # 29 Edit

Roxanne a yellow retriever mix train for an agiliy trial with the help of Houston the labradoodle.

Breed spotlight: Labradoodles and other retriever mixes.

Hooked on Farms-Episode # 30 Edit

Samson the Border collie attends a livestock show with his friends.

Breed spotlight: Border collies and farm animals.

Hooked on Reunions-Episode # 31 Edit

Blanche and Reginald have a reunion with their old roomate, Lowell the saluki.

Breed spotlight: Sighthound mixes long haired cats.

Hooked on Designer Mutts-Episode # 32 Edit

The pets learn about designer mixed breeds. While finding out about this Sienna and friends try to settle a despute been the mixed breed pets and purebreds.

Breed spotlight: Various mixed dogs and cats.

Hooked on Camping-Episode # 33 Edit

Bear, Sondra, Chuy and Darlene go camping in Calpoly, California but the trip doesn't go exactly as planned.

Breed spotlight: Wildlife.

Hooked on Beagles-Episode # 34 Edit

Rudy and Sydney meet other beagles living in L.A. so far all goes well until two other dogs and a cat step in but who are they?

Breed spot light: Beagles, American wirehair cat, Yorkshire terrier and Redbone coonhound.

Hooked on Sympathy-Episode # 35 Edit

The pets learn  a lesson about loss when Allen's Aunt Marsha passes away.

Breed spotlight: Ragdoll cat and Toy poodle.

Hooked on Comic con-Episode # 36 Edit

Piper and friends attend the San Diego comic convention. While they run into friends old and new and even meet some celebraties in the comic industry

Note: This will more than likely be a TV special and will feature a travel guide moment.

Breed spotlight: Shiba Inu and semi long haired cats.

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